Whielden Lane Closure

Whielden Lane was closed on 18th May to allow Fusion to complete improvements to the junction with the A404 as quickly as possible. Yesterday we learnt that the closure is to be extended, while Fusion construct two entrances to the Amersham Vent Shaft site, and divert the cycle path which currently runs across the site. It is unclear whether the overnight closures of the A413 or A404 will continue.

The present works have been marked by continuing problems -

State of the Cycle Path


The surfaceof the path has been neglected, and the fencing has made it too narrow for cyclists to pass one another.

Construction Traffic on Whielden Street

Construction Traffic, including HGVs (as shown) continue to use Whielden Street to access the construction compound from Amersham Old Town, despite this route being prohibited to HS2 traffic.

Even HS2 security patrols have approached the site via Whielden Street -