Construction - CFA9

Frith Hill Works Commence (?)

Work to provide an additional left turn lane on Frith Hill at the A413 roundabout will now start on 9th December, not 2nd December as originally planned. The Link Road works are undergoing a redesign, and now wont start this year.

Boots on the Ground ...

N. Portal Haul Road - preparatory works started 14-Mar-2018

Habitat Creation - works commence at Mulberry Park Hill and Stoke Mandeville

Link Road works

(Great Missenden, Jan 2018)

This major incursion of works onto the link road necessitated three way traffic lights at the A413 roundabout -


- with consequent benefits to traffic flow.

No "Engine for Growth" signs, not very considerate contractors - a great start.

Ground Investigations

These are taking place around the vent shaft sites at present (October 2017) -
nothing happening at Chalfont St Giles

Bottom Hose Farm Lane Vent Shaft - 25-Oct-2017

Amersham Vent Shaft - 25-Oct-2017