Wendover Dean
The Chiltern Way

This is the situation on the ground, as of Sunday 2nd May; it is unclear how long it will persist,
and may change without notice

Only TLE/5/2 is actually closed, with a fence + security guards on the Durham Farm track. Access to Jones Hill Wood from Kings Lane should be possible.
Rocky Lane is closed, even to pedestrians, although no work was in progress (on Sunday).
The Chiltern Way (TLE/6/5, WEN/36) remains open, but the path has not yet been reinstated following ploughing (nor has TLE/9/1); both are hard going at present.

The Chiltern Society are still in discussion with EKFB regarding path closures in this area. There are two (different) maps on the Bucks footpath page, neither of which correspond to the situation on the ground.

HS2 security have no authority outside the HS2 act limits, and it seems unlikely that the closure of paths outside the limits is legal.

Strange Signs

The walker on a red background apparently indicates a path which is open; forget any previous association between red and forbidden ...